Modules and Features

We create 3 modules to implement the feature "All in one approval":

1. Odoo Approval
2. Odoo Approval: HR Extension
3. Odoo Approval: All in One

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

Odoo Approval

It's a base module, support configuring approval flow for new model only: Stationary, payment, business trip,..

Dependencies: Discuss, Product & Pricelist

Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns

HR Extension

You can set the approver as a coach, or a manager, or a manager of department of an employee

Dependencies: Odoo Approval,  Employees

Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns

All in One

You can setup the approval flow for all models, even when they are defined in another modules: Sales, Purchase, MRP,..

Dependencies: Odoo Approval

Odoo Approval

Groups and Record Rules

We create 2 groups to let the user access the approval application, and create 4 record rules in order to protect the privacy.

2 access groups

They are in the application "Approval"

  1. Settings: can create / edit the approval type

  2. User: can create / approve the approval request

        Grant one of them to the user

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Text and Image

4 record rules

They protect user's privacy:

  • An employee can only see their requests.

  • A manager can review and approve employee's request (of his department only).

  • Admin can see all.

Odoo • Text and Image

Approval Types

Approval types is displayed from the menu Approval | Dashboard by the Kanban view. Click on the button Create to add a new type, its form looks like below:

Odoo • Image and Text

Name: it could be a title, or a short summary of your approval type.

Description: you can write a long description to help your employee know which kind of request should be added to this type.

Fields: there are many fields to choose for your approval type. Some are required, some are optional, and some are no need.

Approvers: you can choose a person who can review and approve the request. if his decision is important, set "Type of Approval" is Required. Otherwise, set it as "Optional". 

Approval Requests

Could be created by 2 ways: from the approval dashboard, or from the menu Approval | Approvals | My Requests

On approval dashboard

you click on the button "Create New Request" of the block of the approval type you want create request.


Odoo • Text and Image

From menu My Requests

This menu will shown all requests created by you. You could click on the button "Create" to add a new record as usual.


Odoo • Text and Image

The form view of the request will look like this

Odoo • A picture with a caption
Request form view

Meaning of fields:

Title: a short summary about your request

Request by: track a person who create the request

Request Date: track a date you create the request

Type: it's approval type. After choosing it, these fields may be shown (or not, depending on your setting in approval type): Contact, Period, Date, Item, Quantity, Payment, Amount, Location, Reference.

Description: write detail of your request here. It could help your manager make a decision more quickly !


When your request looks good, click on the button "Submit" to send it to your manager (or a person who's in charge ). its state changes from Draft to Submitted. And a new tab "Approver (s)" is shown.

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

Review a request

Login as Financial Manager, you will see 2 new buttons appear: Approve and Refuse.
If you refuse, a new popup will show out to ask for the refused reason.



All activities related to this request will be tracked in a log chatter. It helps you manage the history.

Odoo • Text and Image

Approval HR Extension

This extension module allows you to set approver as a special person: a coach, line manager or department manager

New option in approval type

Coach, Line Manager, and Department are set on employee form view.
If they are missed, approver will be re-assigned to a person who is set in column "User"

Odoo • Text and Image

Approval All in One

This module allows you to set a approval flow for model which defined in another modules. There a new option in Approval Type "Apply for model?". Tick it, a new option "Model Setting" will be displayed

Odoo • Image and Text

From above picture, a purchase order which has a total amount > 5,000$, must be approved by purchase manager. I set up like below:

Model: I choose Purchase Order, it links to ir.model.

Domain: It means that, when an order changes its state to to_approve: if its total amount > 5000, it must be approved by Purchase Manager.

Hide Buttons from Model View?: tick this option to hide all buttons on Purchase form view when an order is waiting for approval, only 2 button Approve and Refuse are displayed .

Approved Action: it's technical field - python code, when an order is approved, the function record.button_approve() will be executed automatically.

Refused Action: It's technical field too, but is call when an order is refused.


I log in as a purchaser, and create a new purchase order to buy 5 large desk, the total amount is 8,977.40 $.

Odoo • Image and Text

I will confirm it by clicking on button "Confirm Order"

Odoo • Image and Text

You can see its state changed to "To Approve" and a new button "Request Approval" as well as a new message, are shown.

Now, i will click on "Request Approval", and a new popup displayed:

Odoo • Image and Text

All data are filled automatically, you could update them. Then, click on button "Submit Request". A new request is created and shown as below:

Odoo • Image and Text

I cannot see 2 button: Approve, and, Refuse. Because i'm login as a purchaser. Let's come back to Purchase form view:

Odoo • Image and Text

I can only see a button "View Approval" ( because the option "Hide buttons from Model View?" of Approval type is on ), this button will open a request form view.

Now, let me log out and log in again as Purchase Manager. Check menu Approvals | Approvals | To Review

Odoo • Image and Text

You can see that, i have 1 request to review. Open it:

Odoo • Image and Text

Now, purchase manager can see 2 button: Approve, and, Refuse. Let me approve this request. Come back to purchase form view, you can see like this:

Odoo • Image and Text

Its state change from "To Approve" to "Purchase order", and many buttons are displayed.

There are 3 modules:
1. Odoo Approval: a base module, support configuring approval flow for new model only
2. Odoo Approval HR Extension: allow you to set the approver as a coach, or a manager, or a manager of department of an employee
3. Odoo Approval All in One: support configuring for all models
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