Approval Dashboard

The manager can manage all request in one place

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You can create a new approval type for each business model. There are 2 cases:

Approval type for new model. Each model needs different fields, you can choose those ones fit your company requirement.

Approval type for existed business model. Sale Order, Purchase Order, Stock Transfer, MRP Order, HR Recruitment, Invoice and Payment.. are defined in other modules. you don't need to choose fields but declare the domain,  which the approval flow will be applied on

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Approval Type for new model
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Approval Type for existing model

Approval Flow

This flow is applied consistency for all request

Set many approval level: select the approver who could be a coach, a line manager, a manager of your department,
or even not a manager.

Approval All in One 

put everything in one place: employee request, manager review and make the decision

Live preview using login account: username: demo / password: demo

- Manage all employee's requests in Approval Dashboard.
- Create Approval Type to define approval flow for your business model
- Approval flow

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